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      Have you ever wanted to create your own brand? Perhaps you would like to have your corporate brand on a range of scented candles or diffusers to use for promotion or gifts? 

      Here at Cloud Nine, we have created many different collections of custom scented candles from a whole range of businesses and events and we would love to do yours too. 

      You are only limited by your imagination. Let it run wild!

      Your candles or diffusers would be made right here using only natural waxes or non-flammable diffuser oil. Quality fragrances sourced from our Australian fragrance house. We can even help with labeling and boxing.

      All you need is an idea and we work with you to make it come to life.

      Contact us for an initial conversation to see if we can help you create a wonderful fragrance range.

      You can make a phone call with me on 03 8787 5099 or email on