Scented candles, Reed Diffusers are what we are great at.

You are looking for that amazing scent, that special fragrance that you need and love. Perhaps it reminds you of your favorite holiday spot, maybe it's a special person or it just makes you feel gloriously happy.

We make great fragrances and will help you create those magic moments.

Is it the flicker of a scented candle or the scent in those smaller spaces you love?

We have different sizes in our scented candles to suit what you need as well as reed diffusers to give you fragrance where you need it but don't want an open flame.

Fragrances in all of the different families, I am sure you will be able to find something to create the ambience you are searching for.

Proudly Australian Made and owned.

  • Meet the Founder

Having been involved in the fragrance industry for 15 years, first through retail and then importing some of the USA's finest brands, I decided to create my own range of scented candles and home fragrance diffusers.

After exploring and testing a range of different waxes, I decided on keeping our products as natural as possible and this started with the wax selection. My choice is to use a wax that is a majority blend of natural soy wax and natural coconut wax. The wax used in all of our candles are vegan and not tested on animals.

We continue to test all the time on the quest for continual improvement. Like everything else in this fast paced world, products are continually improved and the natural wax today is a wonderful product with great fragrance performance.

Overall, I just hope you enjoy. This is what fragrance should do for you. Refresh happy memories, put you back in places that you hadn't thought about for a while, family, friends, experiences, that certain spot in the world.


  • Safe & Natural

    Our candles are hand poured using natural soy & coconut wax. Our diffusers contain no alcohol or ethanol.

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

    We ensure all our sourced ingredients are not created from animal by-products.

  • Support Local

    We proudly hand make all our products right here in Melbourne.