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Expand the enjoyment of our delectable natural soy scented candles by purchasing a large scented candle. These Australian handmade candles are available in a wide range of seductive fragrances that you’ll never want to extinguish! And with burn times of up to 90 hours you might not have to!

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Cloud 9 Fragrances reed diffusers are perfect for those small areas such as bathrooms. Handmade in Melbourne using natural Rattan reeds and supplied in a 250ml bottle. Whether you choose a dominant earthy tone or a lighter summer flavour you’ll be guaranteed an uplifting fragrance in any room.

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A natural, deep cleansing hand wash with soothing organic Aloe Vera gel and nourishing Vitamin E to leave hands feeling soft and clean. Avaibale in the range of our most popular frangrances.

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Whether you are looking to calm the mind, re-energise the body or assist in recovery after exercise, use these salts with magnesium and your favorite fragrance and emerge feeling ready to tackle whatever comes next.

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Safe & Natural

Our candles are hand poured from natural soy & coconut wax. Our diffusers contain no alcohol or ethanol.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

We ensure all our sourced ingredients are not created from animal by-products.

Support Local

We are proudly hand make all our products right here in Melbourne.

Customer Service

FREE gift wrapping and messaging option on all orders. Fast dispatch direct.

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Create your oasis

Hand crafted room fragrances for each space.

Let your fragrance selection flow through your home with ease. Transforming the space into your own scented sanctuary. From warming bedroom fragrance to freshness in the bathroom. Each of our hand crafted fragrances will transport you scenses.

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