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    Having been involved in the scented candle industry for 10 years, first through retail and then importing some of the USA's finest brands, I decided to create my own range of scented candles.

    This brought with it the freedom to select fragrances that I knew Australians would enjoy and also to ensure that I knew how we made them and what we used to create them.

    After exploring and testing a range of different waxes, I decided on natural soy wax. This comes with its own challenges around fragrance and its relationship with soy wax. While the benefits of a cleaner burn are a positive, achieving a strong fragrance throw can be a little more difficult. Paraffin wax is a better wax for fragrance but we didn't want to go down that road. We do not use any Paraffin wax or Palm wax. We continue to test all the time on the quest for continual improvement. You may feel or notice that our fragrances can seem a little more subtle or delicate. I am sure you will still enjoy your favorite fragrance in your favorite spot.

    Overall, I just hope you enjoy. This is what fragrance should do for you. Refresh happy memories, put you back in places that you hadn't thought about for a while, family, friends, experiences, that certain spot in the world.


    Indulge your senses

    Let your mind wander

    Enjoy the moment

     See you on Cloud 9

    Michael Parnell - Founder and creator.