Cloud Nine Fragrances - An Introduction

Cloud Nine Fragrances - An Introduction

Hello from the friendly team at Cloud Nine Fragrances and welcome to our Blog! We thought we’d start our first post with a bit of an introduction into who we are, where we got our inspiration from and some information about our scented candles and fragrances.

First and foremost, we aim to create fragrances in the form of scented candles that have the ability to take you to a happy place. Too often in the world, we can be brought down by life's misfortunes, so we want our products to elicit pure euphoria through the sense of smell, in other words, take you to Cloud Nine 


Our founder and creator, Michael Parnell, spent years in the fragrance industry, looking for the best and highest quality scented candles and fragrances in the market to bring to Australia for distribution. With his great taste and ability to select fragrances that Australians all over the country have fallen in love with, he decided it was time to start creating his own creations- welcome Cloud Nine  Fragrances!


Our candles contain premium fragrances that are both unique and daring. Flavours have been mixed together like never before and each concoction has the ability to create that Cloud Nine experience. We use all natural plant based waxes which are delicately hand mixed and poured. Each candle is made purely with care and love which stems from a pure passion for fragrance.


At present, we have two amazing collections available. A ‘Jar Collection’ and our simply gorgeous ‘Classic Collection.’ We realised that everyone has different taste when it comes to interior decorating and candle styles so we’ve made sure to create a style for each kind of individual. Our Jar Collection (featuring a huge variety of 20 fragrances!) is colourful and vibrant, sure to spice up any dull living area. Our Classic Collection is simple, elegant, minimalist and available in 12 high quality and unique scents.

We’re locally hand-poured in Melbourne, Australia. You can order online and be sure that your order will be dispatched quickly and efficiently so that you have it in a few days time. Can’t wait that long? We have some retailers located throughout the country- just contact us for details or you can head on down to our showroom based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We hope you’ll become as excited about our candles as we are!


The Cloud Nine Team.


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