10 Summer Scents To Fill Your Home

10 Summer Scents To Fill Your Home

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s time to celebrate Summer by inviting your friends round for a meal or festive drink. To make a good impression, you might clean the house, maybe make some food and of course, find an inviting smell to fill your home, a fresh summer scent to bring the sunshine inside. 

Our favourite summer scents 

At Cloud Nine, we’re spoilt for choice when choosing a home fragrance, but there are particular smells we lean towards when Summer comes. When the hot days zap your energy, we recommend choosing something invigorating from our fruity collection or relaxing from our fresh collection. Whatever flavours your senses prefer, your next favourite summer scent is most likely waiting in our colours collection, full of fun, uplifting and unique creations. 

10 Summer Scents to fill your home 

Need some help choosing the perfect summer scent to fill your home? Our ten favourite summer-inspired fragrances are all available as a candle or diffuser; let us know which is your favourite! 

Peach and summer fruits 

When the stonefruits start replacing the mandarins in your fruit bowl, you know it’s Summer. Peach, the queen of all stone fruits, and some other fruity friends give this fragrance sweet vibes without being sickly. Peach and Summer fruits rich and ripe scent to uplift and invigorate while you kick back by the pool with a peach bellini. 

Raspberry and Coconut 

A delicious food match, raspberry and coconut is an even better fragrance combo, freshly picked raspberries, with aromatic coconut flesh and a hint of vanilla, is a perfectly balanced scent. Whether you’re lighting a candle in the lounge room or using our reed diffuser in the bathroom, this versatile scent is perfect for any room in the house. 

Sweet Pea and Raspberry 

Floral and fruity our Sweet Pea & Raspberry scented candle is elegant and sophisticated. The distinctive scent of Sweet Pea and Jasmine is carefully balanced by the fruity aroma of freshly picked raspberries for a well rounded and mature Summer fragrance. 

Lemongrass and Lime

A traditionally bold and dominant smell, our Lemongrass inspired fragrance is delicately balanced with a touch of sweet lime and eucalyptus, making it perfectly invigorating for Summer without overwhelming your senses. 


What could be more synonymous with Summer than Watermelon? Refreshing, vibrant, and thirst-quenchingly delicious. This sweet and fruity fragrance is one of our best sellers, and it’s easy to see why when you inhale your first breath of a freshly lit watermelon candle or the incense drawing up through a reed diffuser. 

Summer Pineapple 

The unmistakable Summer fragrance! Our fresh and juicy Pineapple scented candles, helped along by some other Summer friends like Orange, lemon and lime and just a touch of vanilla to bring out their natural sweetness. 

Mango Tangerine 

Want tropical vibes this Summer? Our Mango Tangerine fragrance is sweet and juicy; fresh ripe mango, zesty tangerine and just a hint of vanilla. Nothing resembles sunshine beaming through the glass windows like this scent; feel the warmth all Summer, no matter the actual weather outside! 

Pink Lemonade

Just as it sounds, Pink Lemonade is a vibrant and fizzy fragrance with notes of Lemon Zest, Grapefruit, Strawberry, sparkling wine, and of course, Pink Sugar. A sweeter scent balanced with the zesty aroma of some citrusy friends. 

Passionfruit and Citrus 

The taste of Summer! Grab a tall glass, fill it with ice and all your favourite fruits. Zesty and sweet all at the same time. Pineapple, Passionfruit, and some citrus friends, this bold and vibrant scent bring the sunshine all day long. 

Ocean Flowers 

Taking only the best of coastal life, Ocean Flowers is a vibrant and inspiring scent full of fresh floral blooms, fragrant herbs and a subtle side of summer citrus for a very uplifting, happy fragrance. Be transported to your favourite coastline in spring, with the smell of the sun and surf, coastal flowers all open and colourful and refreshing summer fruits for a snack.

Do people use candles in the Summer? 

Yes. Candles are safe to burn inside all year round people will still use candles in the Summer. We find more people switch to diffusers in the Summer; it might be because they don’t have as much time to relax with a candle or have more visitors over, so they need the home to smell nice all day. 

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