Cloud Nine Fragrances Top Scents For Autumn

Cloud Nine Fragrances Top Scents For Autumn

Autumn marks the end of Summer and beginning of Winter, but the in-between is an indescribable mixture of some hot nights and other freezing ones, crisp and frosty mornings, sun-filled days, falling leaves, darker evenings and the smell of winter on the horizon. So, what scents do we think go hand-in-hand with this amazing season? See our top picks below! 

1. Ginger and Green Tea 

Our Ginger and Green Tea scented candle has a very clean, refreshing green fragrance about it. It is light, yet present, bringing the outdoors in. This scent will combine the smell of your garden, leaves & herbs with a zippy knob of ginger. How wonderfully Autumn!

2. Oriental Bamboo, Rosewood & Orange

This is a really sophisticated fragrance that brings out a universally good fragrance (great for men too!). It contains earthy notes of Bamboo, Cedarwood and Rosewood blending with a herbal concoction including Clove and Sage with sultry citrus notes. Great for Autumn evenings watching the sun set... 


3. Pomelo, Grapefruit & Pepper

Pomelo, with the appearance of an oversized Grapefruit, native to South America, with help from some other citrus friends- mandarin, lime and grapefruit. To balance out the fragrance and take out some tartness, we have added Lemongrass, Black Pepper and a little White Jasmine. This scent is green and fresh, much like a crisp Autumn morning.

4. Vanilla Caramel Toffee

This candle is much like your favourite dessert, however it suits an in-between season such as Autumn. It's toffee-ness is a great preparation for Winter and when mixed with Vanilla it creates the perfect fragrance to fit in between Summer and Winter!


5. Raspberry & Coconut

Beautiful, lush Raspberries with fleshy coconut and a hint of vanilla. Not quite floral enough to fit in with Spring, not quite summery enough because of the creamy mix, and a little too light for Winter. This one fits in just perfectly with the fall of Autumn leaves.. 



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