Cloud Nine Fragrances - Christmas Collection

Cloud Nine Fragrances - Christmas Collection

Is anyone else absolutely shocked at how fast year last year has flown by?! We are now SIX weeks away from Christmas! Here at the Cloud Nine Fragrances studio, we have been busy producing a special Christmas Collection for you all.. it is our first ever and we are SO excited about them and want to share them with you! 

So, what do we have...? 


Our Plum Pudding Christmas Candle is everything Christmas! The rich smell of the dessert, mixed with exotic spices can get anyone into a really jolly Christmas spirit! Beautifully deep purple in colour, this candle is very merry indeed! 



If you're dreaming of a White Christmas, this candle can get you there! With smoky pine, reminiscent of a cold winters night, this candle can recreate the scene that you're in front of the fireplace with soft snow falling outside the windows. It's such a cosy scent...


On the contrary, if you want that Summer Christmas feel, we have a Summer Fruit Platter scented candle with citrus scents and fruity elements. It's soft, light and refreshing!

More than brightening up your Christmas day, these also make great christmas presents! Allow your Christmas to have a touch of Cloud Nine this year...   

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