How to Care for your Candle to get the Most out of it

How to Care for your Candle to get the Most out of it

Candles are easy work, right? You light them, sit back, enjoy the fragrance and that's that...BUT, there are actually right and wrong ways to actually burn your candle so that you can prolong the life, fragrance and longevity of your scented candle. We thought we'd put together a quick list of things you can do to get the most out of your new scented candle! 


Burn your candle for 2-4 hours for the first time you use it and make sure that the hot wax pool makes its way to the edge, this results in an even burn with the wax burning evenly down for the life of the candle.

2. Trim

Always trim your wick to 8mm - 10mm each time you burn it. If the wick is longer than this, the wick can start smoking and leans to one side and this can either stain your vessel, and also causes the candle to burn unevenly. 

3. Light

Light candle in draft free areas - again, this helps obtain an even burn.

4. Discard

Once your candle has 1- 2cm of wax left, stop burning it as the fragrance emitted may smell like toast burning (and we don't want that!) 

Use these tips so that you can really get the best out of your candle and don't think it is faulty.

Happy Burning! 



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